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Comprehensive private wealth management

Retirement Planning

A retirement plan is a roadmap that provides direction for the strategies that help our clients make the right decisions and achieve their financial goals in retirement. To help guide our clients toward making even smart decisions with their money in retirement, we leverage the wealth management formula:

Wealth management = IC+AP+RM

Investment Consulting (IC)

Addresses the top concerns of our client families: Preserving their wealth. It is the primary offering of most financial advisors. We use more than 80 different money managers who tactically leverage equities and low-cost exchange-traded funds to build customized and unique portfolios for our families based on their risk tolerance and objectives.

Advanced Planning (AP)

  1. Wealth enhancement: Tax mitigation and cash flow planning.
  2. Wealth transfer: How to transfer wealth effectively while reducing cost and tax. Also, providing multigenerational education to the kids and grandkids on how to spend their parents’ hard-earned money.
  3. Wealth protection: Risk mitigation, legal structures to protect against lawsuits and transferring risk to insurance companies.
  4. Charitable giving: Maximizing and magnifying charitable and tax savings impact.

Relationship Management (RM)

First, we build and foster client relationships over time through a consultative process. Second, we manage other professional advisors — both the ones in our network and yours to form a mastermind group that comes together to serve you.

Our process enables us to do something few other financial advisors can do — become our clients’ personal chief financial officer. In this capacity, we'll help you make even more informed decisions to maximize the probability of achieving all that is important to you.

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